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Biden Executive Order to Protect Access to Contraception

The vast majority of Americans (95%) have used contraception at some point in their lives. But Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas signaled that the Supreme Court may reverse our right to access contraception, allowing states across the country to enact laws that severely restrict or even outlaw the use of common contraceptives like birth control pills, IUDs, and condoms. 


In response to the growing need for safe contraception, President Biden issued an executive order, which mandated federal agencies to expand access to birth control and contraception. “Since the day the Dobbs decision came down, one year ago [tomorrow], we’ve seen the devastating effects across the country. Women were turned away from emergency rooms, and denied life-saving care. Moms, college students, teachers, nurses, traveling hundreds of miles to get basic reproductive healthcare,” Biden noted. 


“I know I’m 198 years old — (laughter) — but all kidding aside, think about that.  I never ever thought I’d be signing an executive order protecting the right to contraception,” Biden said while announcing the executive order. 

Through the Executive Order, the President announced actions to:

  • Improve Contraception Access and Affordability for Women with Private Health Insurance. 

  • Promote Increased Access to Over-the-Counter Contraception. 

  • Support Family Planning Services and Supplies through the Medicaid Program. 

  • Improve the Coverage of Contraception through the Medicare Program.

  • Support Access to Contraception for Service Members, Veterans, and Federal Employees.

  • Bolster Contraception Access Across Federally-Supported Health Care Programs. 

  • Support Access to Affordable Contraception for Employees and College Students. 


Contraception reduces the rates of unintended pregnancies, abortions, and HIV transmissions from mothers to newborns. Providing birth control to women at no cost can reduce abortion rates by up to 78 percent.

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