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Family matters.

But Brian Kemp has proved time and again he only cares about Georgia families when it's convenient for his political career. 

Brian Kemp's Plan:  
"Protect the Fetus" "Starve the Child"

When Roe v. Wade overturned, Brian Kemp fast-tracked his plan to impose strict bans in Georgia to make all abortion illegal after 6 weeks. 


22,500 women in Georgia who had abortions last year made less than $25,000, and 15,000 already had children.  

Kemp's abortion bill increases burdens on families who are already stretched thin. 


However, to appease his far right base, Brian Kemp cut food stamps for the working poor in Georgia, stripping away much needed help for families struggling with high inflation.


570,000 Georgia families lost crucial food aid because of Kemp's decision. 

Making the Baby Formula Shortage Much Worse

Kemp acted immediately to ban abortion and restrict voting, but when it came to the baby formula shortage, Kemp waited months to act.


As a result, Georgia has one of the worst baby formula shortages in the country with 40% out of stock statewide. 


During his first year as governor, Kemp's administration mandated that unexpired and unopened formula returned to WIC “be emptied into the trash or poured down the sink."

When the baby formula shortage began, most states quickly updated policy.  But Kemp waited months to rollback the requirement that the state destroy unused and unopened formula.  

Georgia still hasn't been able to replenish its stock.  As other states return to normal, Georgia infants continue to be hospitalized because their families can't find formula.  

Ignoring Gun Violence Aimed at Children


There are 163 gun-related deaths of Georgia children each year—which is the 15th highest gun death rate in the country.


Georgians support common sense gun reform. 


Still, Kemp signed a bill allowing anyone to carry a handgun in public without a license or a background check.

This measure was opposed by most Georgia voters It allows criminals to carry guns in public.  Children and innocent families will suffer the results.

Cutting Education Funding 

Georgia public schools are chronically underfunded. 

Georgia ranks 38th in the nation for per-student funding.


In 2020, Kemp cut nearly a billion dollars in state K-12 funding.

Taking Funds from Uninsured kids to upgrade the Governor's Mansion 

In the State Senate, Kemp voted for a budget that stripped 45,000 uninsured children of their Peachcare benefits, and then opposed an effort to reallocate funds from the Governor’s Mansion upgrade to providing healthcare for uninsured Georgia children.  


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