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As Pro-Life Christians, We Pray for an End to Extreme Bans on Emergency Abortion

As pro-life Christians, we full-heartedly support the right to life. Every child is created in the image of God and is a unique human being.


But we also understand that, despite modern medicine, not every pregnancy is viable—and can be  deadly for the mother and force the developing child to endure months of unbearable pain.

No mother should be forced to carry a child to term that is already lost and suffering—much less while risking her own health and fertility in the process. 


As pro-life Christians, we must hold these women and their unborn children in our hearts with compassion. That’s why, in cases like these, we understand the need for emergency abortions. 


Emergency abortions are not taken lightly, not by mothers or their doctors.They are used to save lives, allowing mothers to live on to raise their other children and grow their families without dying in childbirth. 


That’s why we are devastated that states like Texas have outlawed emergency abortions for nonviable pregnancies, even in cases where a failure to intervene makes it likely that the mother will die or be left sterile. 


These extreme bans are not pro-life. They are political posturing at the cost of life—and we can not support them in good faith—not without compromising our dearest values. 

Our Prayer:

As Pro-Life Christians, we pray that America puts compassion for families over political posturing and ends extreme bans on emergency abortions that disregard the life of the mother. For us, every life counts—those of unborn children and their mothers. And in cases of nonviable pregnancies, we must have laws in place that protect the mother’s right to life.

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