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Thank Our Legislatures for Passing the Right to Contraception Act in Nevada

Thank you to Nevada Legislatures working for bi-partisan solutions!

Republican Leader Sen. Gansert, and Democrat Leader Sen. Cannizzaro, showed what is possible when our elected officials work toward solutions for Nevada families, children, and citizens. Nevada’s Right to Contraception Act was a simple bill, focused on the areas where all Nevadan’s agree. Senators Gansert and Cannzzaro were joined by a bipartisan supermajority of their colleagues in passing the bill through the House and Senate.

When our leaders find solutions and work together to protect our basic freedoms and ensure families can decide when they are best ready to have children, they deserve our thanks.

Join the list of thousands of Nevadans who are saying thanks and show our politicians that working toward bipartisan solutions is a winning strategy.

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