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Life Vs. Health of a Mother 

Many abortion bans allow for exceptions only if a mother will die immediately without an abortion.  These bills prevent doctors from performing procedures that would qualify as abortions if a mother’s “health is at risk.” 


Politicians use this as a talking point, and the language can be confusing.  But the health implications are dire.


One of the more common complications in pregnancy is an ectopic pregnancy, where the fetus implants in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus.  This is an unviable pregnancy that cannot survive


In 4-out-of-5 cases, the woman’s body ends the pregnancy.  But in others, the fetus grows to a point where the fallopian tube ruptures, causing severe internal bleeding that is likely fatal if the woman can’t get emergency surgery.

Woman suffering ectopic pregnancy loses healthcare options with abortion bans.

Because not all ectopic pregnancies result in fallopian tube ruptures, they do not meet the “life of the mother” criteria.  In Texas, women are being sent home to wait because politicians and hospital lawyers have decided their life is not at risk until the fallopian tube ruptures.


These women hoped to become moms.  Not only do these new laws extend their emotional pain and endanger their lives, fallopian tube rupture often results in infertility.

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