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Caring for American Families



Women who miscarry are now on their own

Around 900,000 women miscarried last year in the USA. New state abortion bans  criminalize the procedures hospitals use to treat and help these women – forcing families to go through the hardship of miscarriage alone, without medical assistance.


In the USA, 9-in-10 families use birth control to plan when to have children. But 195 US House Republicans voted against the Right to Contraception Act, which would have guaranteed access to birth control pills, IUDs, and condoms.

Families are struggling to get support

The same politicians who fast-tracked abortion bans have rejected federal food assistance for their states, leaving 18 million of their citizens hungry. These same leaders have also voted to block food assistance being used by families to purchase formula and diapers.

Millions are being left uninsured and without care

States refusing federal funds for Medicaid expansion are leaving 2.2 million Americans, including 600,000 veterans, uninsured. As a result, rural hospitals are closing by the dozens as uninsured patients can't pay for services received. 

195 Congresspeople Voted "No" To Birth Control 

Now Access to Basic Contraception At Risk 

The Supreme Court Overruled a Texas Judge's Decision to Ban the “Abortion Pill”, Restoring Access to Common Miscarriage Treatment

The same drug used in the abortion pill is also used for one of the most common and compassionate treatments for women who experience miscarriage. Had it stood, Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk’s ruling banning the abortion pill would have also blocked access to miscarriage treatment for more than 1 million American mothers suffering miscarriage each year.

Congress Hearing Reveals Real-Life Grave Consequences of Denying Women Miscarriage Treatment

A Texas woman testifies to the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary about her near-death experience while suffering a miscarriage due to Texas abortion ban.

Where is Our Compassion? 

Abortion Bans Block Treatment for Miscarriage

What We're Facing As A Nation

In some states, the situation is worse than others. But at the end of the day, we are facing these threats to our families as one nation. 

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