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Don't Tread on Me! The Battle to Defend Contraceptive Freedom in America

The choice of when to start a family should be made by parents, not politicians and government. And yet some extreme politicians are working to take away the right to contraception.


For most Americans, the right to freely use contraception is an essential aspect of their daily lives, a liberty we've relied on for generations. In fact, the vast majority (95%) of Americans have used contraception at some point in their lives. Alarmingly, however, a growing coalition of federal and state entities, coupled with certain court systems, threatens to encroach upon our fundamental right.

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Last year, an alarming count of 195 US House Republicans voted against the 2022 Right to Contraception Act, which aimed to defend access to crucial forms of contraception, including the pill, IUDs, and condoms, from laws restricting individuals from using them. 


In Nevada, Governor Lombardo vetoed a bill, sponsored by his own party, that would ensure the right to freely access key contraceptives like condoms, IUDs, and the pill. Over in Georgia, Governor Kemp was recorded discussing potential executive action to impede access to essential contraception, demonstrating a clear disregard for individual freedom.


This growing opposition to contraception is further reinforced by judges seeking a new cultural battlefield in the wake of Roe v. Wade's reversal. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas suggested that the Supreme Court should negate Griswold v. Connecticut, the case that guaranteed the freedom to use contraception without government intervention.

In the United States, we’re guaranteed the right to privacy and the freedom to use contraception to plan our families. 


The notion that something as standard and universally accepted as American families’ freedom to use contraceptives could be at risk may seem unfathomable. Yet, the growing influence of special interest groups, coupled with an increasingly polarized and radical political climate, has made it a real possibility. 


Thankfully, Americans from all walks of life are banding together, demanding rational, bi-partisan solutions to protect access to contraception. It is heartening to witness that in numerous states, such bi-partisan initiatives are gaining traction.


Pastors, veterans, Democrats, Republicans, and individuals of all walks of life are taking a stand against these extreme measures, working towards finding balanced and sensible solutions to protect our right to contraception. 

Steps to Defend Our Right to Contraception

President Biden recently signed an executive order protecting Americans’ freedom to contraception. This action will specifically protect contraception rights and expand access to the countless Americans who rely on medical freedom—but only while he remains in office. 


To secure our right to contraception for the future, our congress and state legislatures will need to pass legislation that explicitly defends our right to contraception.

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