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Restricting Healthcare

Kemp's abortion bill prevents women experiencing miscarriage from getting the care they need.

Embryo Ban

Brian Kemp Put Pregnant Women At Risk

15% of pregnancies end in miscarriage.  Chances are, you or someone you know has lost a wanted pregnancy.  Imagine going through this experience without your doctor's help because hospital executives and lawyers are afraid of facing legal action by the State.

Kemp's 6-week abortion ban places undue burdens on women and families experiencing miscarriage.  It makes common treatment for miscarriage illegal, and makes doctors unsure about the care they can provide to their patients.  


Kemp's effort to fast-track a 6-week ban limits medical options for women with unviable pregnancies, putting their health at risk and extending their suffering.

Fortunately, a judge overturned Kemp's abortion ban, ruling that it violated the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Supreme Court precedent and that the law was unconstitutional when it was drafted, voted on, and enacted, and so it cannot now be enforced.

Although the court's decision is an important step in acknowledging people's needs to make their own medical decisions, it is likely that the Georgia legislature will draft and enact a new ban in the coming months, when session resumes.  And Georgia's Governor still supports even stricter bans. In newly released audio, Kemp said he “liked the idea” of a “statewide ban on the destruction of embryos" no matter the reason or health risk to the mother. 

Making the Baby Formula Shortage Much Worse

Kemp acted immediately to ban abortion and restrict voting, but when it came to the baby formula shortage, he waited months to do anything. 


As a result, Georgia has had one of the worst baby formula shortages in the country with 40% out of stock statewide. 


During his first year as governor, Kemp's administration mandated that unexpired and unopened formula returned to WIC “be emptied into the trash or poured down the sink."

When the baby formula shortage began, most states quickly updated their policies.  But Kemp waited months to roll back the requirement that the state destroy unused and unopened formula.  

As a result, Georgia has struggled to replenish its stock.  Georgia infants have been hospitalized because their families are unable to find formula. 

Threat to Contraception

With the overturning of Roe v. Wade, a woman and family's access to basic contraception is also now threatened—especially especially in Georgia, where Brian Kemp has never stated any objection to signing anti-contraception legislation into law. 


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