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Michigan Leads the Way in American Manufacturing 

With policies that encourage business and domestic production—in the auto industry and beyond. 

Investing in Michigan's Economy

Not only is US growth outpacing China for the first time since 1976, Michigan in particular is making major strides forward to end America’s foreign dependence on automotive production.


After Detroit was hit hard by the chips shortage caused by the pandemic and disruptions in global supply chains, Congress took action to strengthen American made production, passing $52 billion in government subsidies for U.S. semiconductor production and an investment tax credit for chip plants estimated to be worth $24 billion.


Gov. Whitmer has already secured a $300 million investment to ensure future semiconductors are made in Michigan, strengthen high-tech manufacturing, and reduce shortages and delays of critical products.

The Future of  American Manufacturing

Under Whitmer, Michigan is training up the next generation of highly skilled workers needed to support rapid technological advancement and American manufacturing. 


As the car industry transitions toward more electric vehicles, current and future auto workers need new skills to be competitive. Programs like the Michigan Electric Vehicle Center are providing educational and training opportunities that ensure Michigan maintains a world-class workforce in a dynamic automotive industry. 


But Michigan does not have to be limited to the auto industry—it will be a hub for all types of American manufacturing with business-friendly policies and educated workforce. 


Michigan has already begun training a highly skilled workforce by: 

  • Ensuring 60% of Michiganders have a postsecondary degree or skills training certificate by 2030. 

  • Offering tens of thousands of Michiganders a tuition-free pathway to higher education and skills training. 

  • Supporting small businesses developing in-house talent 


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