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Faith Leaders Call for Rights to Contraception in North Carolina

Pastor Sign-on Letter

Over 30,000 faithful citizens in NC have pledged to pray that state leaders will support the state's Right to Contraception Act.  North Carolina pastors from across the theological spectrum are collecting signatures for the open letter below in support of this pro-family legislation.

The full text of the letter is below, followed by a sign-on form for pastors and faith leaders wishing to add their voice in support of this bi-partisan effort to protect basic freedoms North Carolina families have depended on for generations.

As faith leaders from various backgrounds, we honor the blessing of having and raising children and support people's rights and responsibilities to decide when they will have children. 


Contraception allows parents to wait to have children until they are ready—emotionally and financially.  This helps reduce the divorce rate and ensures more children are raised by married parents when those parents can provide the most nurturing care.


 In addition to family planning, contraception is important in preventing and treating medical conditions, including endometritis, iron deficiency, ovarian cancer, and other cancers. 


We recognize public policies' important role in supporting families with the needed resources to build stable and healthy homes. 

In North Carolina, our state legislature is considering the "Right to Contraception Act," which would protect families' right to access and utilize basic contraception in their family planning. 

Sadly, despite overwhelming bipartisan support from faith leaders and families across our state, we see troubling signs of a lack of support for this protection from some political actors. 

We understand contraception is a fundamental human right central to people's health, well-being, and participation in our nation's social and economic life. 


It is a clear call for all of our faiths to advocate for policies that will support the development of healthy families and provide medical support for those in need. 

And we know that nearly all North Carolinians, from all backgrounds, support the right to access contraception. Sadly, some political actors are unwilling to support the right to contraception. 


We join with more than 30,000 people of faith in North Carolina, praying that our political leaders will lay aside their political differences and unite to grant families access to the needed resources to build a stable and healthy home. 


We acknowledge the blessing of having and raising children and pray that every family gets to decide when they are ready to begin that phase of their lives. 


We pray that our leaders seek understanding instead of division and find it in their hearts to work together to pass the Right to Contraception Act. 

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