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7 Eco-Friendly Activities for Kids: Celebrating Earth Year-Round

Child picking up trash

As Earth Day approaches, it's a reminder that nurturing an appreciation for the environment is a year-round commitment. For parents who are tight on time and prefer clean activities, there are many engaging ways to celebrate and teach about Earth without getting dirty.

1. Create Art with Recycled Materials

Ignite your child’s imagination by crafting an imaginary garden with materials like cereal boxes and paper towel rolls, inspired by the story “My Garden” by Kevin Henkes. This activity encourages creativity and starts a discussion on recycling, all without any soil.

2. Encourage Hands-on Exploration

Engage your child with tactile experiences, such as sorting leaves during a walk or washing vegetables. These activities help children explore nature’s textures and smells, and discuss how vegetables grow and how Earth sustains us.

3. Enjoy Family Bike Rides and Nature Walks

Whether it’s cycling or walking, these activities allow families to appreciate nature, discuss environmental impact, and find ways to care for our planet. They’re great for physical activity and learning about environmental stewardship.

4. Donate Gently Used Items

Use spring cleaning as an opportunity to teach about the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling. Donating clothes and toys can help others and prevent items from filling landfills.

5. Decorate Reusable Kitchen Items

Let children choose and personalize reusable kitchenware, such as plates, cups, and canvas totes. This reduces waste and makes environmental responsibility personal and fun.

6. Preserve or Pickle Fruits and Veggies

Although slightly messy, this activity can be educational and fun. Preserving or pickling helps demonstrate food sustainability, and visits to local farms or markets can enrich understanding of where our food originates.

7. Read Environmental Books

Books can powerfully reinforce environmental values through stories and illustrations. Titles like “Thank You, Earth: A Love Letter to Our Planet” by April Pulley Sayre, and others, are excellent resources.


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