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Christians Across the USA Support the Right to Birth Control

Reverend Mark Thompson, Civil Rights Advocate, Host “Make It Plain” and Pastor, joined Family Compassion advocating for federal protection of the right to contraception.  

"I say this today not only as a man, but as a member of the clergy as well. There is no contradiction in my view, in my Christian worldview, in my theology. There is no contradiction between that [the Right to Contraception] and what the scriptures do say," he remarked.

He also highlighted that without the Right to Contraception, infant and maternal mortality rates increase. He then emphasized the disproportionate effect of reduced access to contraception on women of color and women of poor and low income households.

For Thompson and over 400,000 Christians across the country, access to contraception is in alignment with Christian ideals and must be advocated for by all.


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