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Mormon Moms Support the Right to Birth Control

Annie Bentley Waddoups, Director of Child and Family Advocacy at Mormon Women for Ethical Government, joined Family Compassion advocating for federal protection of the right to contraception.

She highlighted support from over 400,000 written prayers from churches and organizations across the theological spectrum, urging Senate leaders to protect access to contraception.

" Each of these [prayers] represents an expression of hope and makes a clear plea for our elected leaders in the Senate to come together and affirm and protect the access to contraception that families have depended on for generations. The people who signed these prayers did so because they believe preventive contraception isn't a political issue, rather it's a necessary right to personally determine their family's formation and future," she said.

For Waddoups and other Christian women across the country, preventative birth control is an essential resource for growing strong, stable families.


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