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Reverend Carlos Duran Urges Evangelicals to Embrace a Complete Pro-Life Agenda

Reverend Carlos Duran, President of the National Hispanic Pastors Alliance, recently spoke out, calling for an expanded pro-life agenda that supports “key life saving and life supporting policies like the Child Tax Credit and Paid Family Leave.”  

Reverend Carlos Duran

For Reverend Duran, it’s essential that pro-life policies don’t stop at birth, but continue through childhood to make sure every innocent child has the chance to grow up happy and healthy. That’s why he’s urging robust support from the evangelical community for policies like the Child Tax Credit, which cut childhood poverty in half and helped more than 61 million American children, and paid family leave, which is proven to strengthen families and uplift the economy. 

Reverend Duran also urges believers to approach mothers with compassion by “removing barriers and stigma to medical care for women with life-threatening non-viable pregnancies or who are suffering miscarriages.”  As Christians bearing witness for Christ, he encourages all believers to support these mothers as they navigate tremendous loss and support them getting the care they need so they can go on to raise their families as God intended. 

By embracing a complete pro-life agenda, Reverend Duran believes we can bring families together, strengthen our bonds as a nation, and create a strong vision for the future of our country.

Rev. Carlos Duran Calls for Complete Pro-Life Agenda on Christian Radio


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