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Pro-Life Wisconsin Is Trying to Make Birth Control Illegal

Over 95% of Wisconsin families use contraception to plan when to have their children. As a result, the vast majority of people in Wisconsin support the right to contraception. In recent years, however, organizations like Pro Life Wisconsin have been pushing harder to take that right away. 

Pro-Life Wisconsin Stance on Contraception

“Pro-Life Wisconsin is opposed to all forms of artificial contraception.”

—Source: Pro Life WI Website

“We also oppose any public financing of contraception…reproductive technology, family planning, and conscience rights issues.” 

—Source: Lobbying.WI.GOV

Pro-Life Wisconsin OPPOSES any legislation that makes contraceptives more easily accessible or widely available

“Contraception is the choice, by any means, to sterilize a given act of intercourse. In other words, a contracepting couple chooses to engage in intercourse and, knowing that it may result in a new life, they intentionally and willfully suppress their fertility.”

–Source: Pro Life WI Website


“Hormonal birth control is lazy medicine; it is not healthcare. It does not fix something that’s broken, rather it breaks something that is vital to women’s health and prosperity.”

–Source: Pro Life WI Website

Pro Life Wisconsin hosts an annual event used to promote anti-contraceptive narratives. 


“The purpose of our annual “Pill Kills” campaign is to draw attention to the dangers of the birth control pill and the fact that it does indeed cause early chemical abortions.”

—Source: Pro Life WI Facebook


There is little to no scientific evidence that supports their claim that birth control pills “cause early chemical abortions.”

the pill kills

Could Birth Control Really Be Banned in Wisconsin?

While most people in Wisconsin support the right to birth control, we can’t guarantee continued access unless our state legislature passes the “Right to Contraception Act.”  Until then, groups like Pro-Life WI will be free to lobby our elected representatives to ban access to contraception. With abortion already banned, many politicians are looking for new issues to make a name for themselves and may be inclined to join Pro-Life WI in their extreme anti-contraception beliefs. 


Unfortunately, WI politicians like former GOP Wisconsin governor candidate Tim Michels and Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Daniel Kelly have funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of their efforts to make birth control illegal.

Pray to Protect Access to Contraception in Wisconsin!

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