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Hardworking Georgians want to work. 

But Brian Kemp is driving business and investment out of the state in droves, hurting our families and small business in exchange for political talking points.  

Ransacking Georgia's Economy

As governor, Kemp pandered to the Trump base by repeatedly endorsing legislation that pushed business leaders away from Georgia.

  • In response to Kemp's voter suppression bill that made it harder for Georgians to vote by mail and replaced local control with party control over the Election Board, Georgia tourism officials said would cost the state economy $100 million.

  • Major employers like Delta, Home Depot, and Coca-Cola condemned the bill.  Employers said it would harm Georgia’s ability to attract and retain companies that provide many well-paying jobs.

  • Highlighting extreme provisions in the bill like punishing churches for providing water to voters waiting in line, Major League Baseball moved the 2021 All-Star Game and the MLB draft out of Atlanta. 

Kemp's response: “I’m not too worried about people leaving Georgia.”

Limiting Good-Paying Healthcare Job Growth 

Kemp opposed fully expanding Medicaid which has been overwhelmingly endorsed by the business community because it would create 50,000 jobs and strengthen hospitals around the state to ensure every community has access to functioning hospitals.

Stifling Future Investment 

The annual study, America’s Top States for Business, shows that under Gov. Brian Kemp, the Peach State sank in the rankings from number six in 2021 to number ten in 2022.

After Kemp signed his extreme abortion ban in 2019, he said it was “fine” for businesses to leave the state.  


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