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A Call for Prayer in Virginia

In Virginia, our right to contraception is in jeopardy unless our state leaders take action. 


Across the country, activist judges and extreme politicians are attacking husbands and wives’ right to basic contraception, despite overwhelming bipartisan support from church leaders and families who understand that contraception is essential for building stable homes and growing healthy families.


As Christians, we pray that Virginia leaders will work together to protect our families and our freedoms. Please join us in our prayer.

Our Prayer

We pray that our leaders will lay aside their political differences and unite to grant families access to the needed resources to build a stable and healthy home. We acknowledge the blessing of having and raising children– and we pray that every family gets to decide when they are ready to begin that phase of their lives. 


We pray that our leaders seek understanding instead of division, and find it in their hearts to work together to pass the Right to Contraception Act.

Add Your Name

Add Your Name  to the Prayer

Thank you for joining us in this prayer.

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