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Caring for American Families

It all starts with compassion.


Did You Know?

The expanded Child Tax Credit lifted 3 million children out of poverty.

In the USA, 95% of families use birth control to plan when to have children. 

Blanket abortion bans block the treatment for miscarriage.

 1-in-5 married couples struggle to conceive. Many turn to IVF to start a family.

Only 1-in-5 American workers has paid family leave.

What We're Talking About

Alabama’s Ruling that Frozen IVF Embryos Are Children Destroys Couples’ Hopes of Growing Their Families 

The Alabama Supreme Court’s decision reflects a profound misunderstanding of what it means to be pro-life and pro-family.

Learn how contraception laws in your state could affect your family

You can take action & make a difference.

News for American Families


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